IPDET Impact Evaluation

Click the links to view volume 1 and volume 2 of the five-year impact evaluation of IPDET.

IPDET Evaluation of Program Impact: Volume 1 Main report (October 2010) & Volume 2 Case Studies (April 2011),
B. Cousins, C. Elliott and N. Gilbert, University of Ottawa

This evaluation, which was conducted by Drs. Brad Cousins and Catherine Elliott with Nathalie Gilbert of the University of Ottawa, examined the extent to which IPDET has met its objectives of knowledge and skill development and its networking role in the broader evaluation community. The evaluation also looked at the transfer of knowledge and skills to the home workplace as well as the factors that are most powerful in explaining successful application of knowledge and skills. A non-comparative, retrospective design was employed, using multiple lines of evidence. Two primary sources were an on-line questionnaire survey of IPDET alumni who had attended IPDET since its inception and a multiple case study that involved two organizational cases (located in Ottawa and Geneva) and three country-level cases (Botswana, China, Sri Lanka). Content analyses were done of two secondary data sources: email communications to IPDET from alumni; and a recent six-month sample of IPDET listserv traffic.

The evaluators concluded that:

  • IPDET is a very successful program that is unparalleled in its ability to develop foundational knowledge and skill in development evaluation;
  • there is a fairly high degree of knowledge transfer of M&E skills learned at IPDET to the participants’ home work environment;
  • IPDET is helping to build local capacity and an appetite for development evaluation. Through the efforts of alumni who are ‘championing’ M&E, IPDET is also helping to make inroads in contexts which have a readiness for development M&E.

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