We’ve been receiving questions about the availability of scholarship support for IPDET 2012. The short answer is "yes", thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we have some limited scholarship funds. Eligibility criteria and application details can be found on the scholarships page of the IPDET website. You may also consult our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to a number of scholarship queries. A short summary below follows three quick notes:

  1. Please apply for these funds only if truly impossible for you to attend without the support. Otherwise you may take funds away from someone who really needs it.
  2. If applying for a scholarship, it is important to get in an early application. If you wait, it may be that all available funds have already been committed.
  3. Competition is intense and about 1 in 5 are funded. You will need to be compelling as to why you should be awarded. If you and/or your sponsoring organization are able to make a partial contribution, do so (even if relatively small). It stretches our funds and demonstrates valuing of the program. We understand that an organizational contribution beyond release time is not possible in some cases.

IPDET will consider scholarships for those who come from and work in a developing country. Employees of development banks or other financial institutions are generally ineligible. Employees of UN agencies may be awarded in special circumstances.

Criteria include (i) Individual works in a priority country for donor capacity building or meets specific criteria identified by the donor, (ii) Individual holds a position of influence that is likely to foster wider adoption of M&E practices Please see the website for additional criteria we use.

There is no separate application form. You must first register on the IPDET website and then complete the on-line application. The form contains a section where applicants indicate if they are requesting a full or partial scholarship.

If you request scholarship support, you will be asked to indicate in writing how attending IPDET would benefit your organization. There are additional requirements such as a strong letter of recommendation from your employer or organization.

Again, please visit the scholarships page and carefully read this information.

We hope this brief summary helps address most of your questions. Please contact if you require further information.