2013 Mentoring Program Update

We are now accepting applications for our next round of the IPDET 2013 Mentoring Program. For more information, please view the Request for Proposals or email Julia Thompson, IPDET Program Manager, at with any questions. Applications will be accepted until April 9, 2013.

Mentoring Program Overview

In the fall of 2011, IPDET launched a pilot Mentoring Project for IPDET alumni, undertaken with the financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The program allows graduates of IPDET to bring real-time evaluation challenges to the table for guidance, advice and reflection. The mentors availabe are a mix of IPDET instructors and senior evaluation experts such as Charles Lusthaus, Elizabeth Whitmore, Michael Q. Patton and Bassirou Chitou. Thus far, over 20 participants have been paired with an expert mentor and received up to 24 hours of individualized coaching.

Some of the feedback on the mentoring opportunity is as follows:

“I attended the IPDET Core Course this past June and found the program to be incredibly rich in the learning. While attending the program, I was able to directly relate it to my work, specifically the evaluations I would be conducting over the next year. During the course I remember thinking: 'What am I going to do when the course is over?' Then an amazing thing happened – the opportunity was presented to have a mentor through the IPDET program. Now I have access to an expert in evaluation who is generous with his knowledge and his time. As I work on the formative evaluation, I am able to directly apply the learning from the Core Course with the added bonus of having an expert to guide me through the experience. What an amazing way to have actionable learning! The mentorship experience solidifies the knowledge gained through the program. Thank you, IPDET, for this valuable addition to the program.”

“My mentor gave me the most important thing - confidence - in my work.”

“The mentoring program was very useful to me especially since I am new to the field of evaluation and getting someone who has been in this field for decades to guide you through was an excellent opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss out on! My mentor has been kind enough to give me new ideas, introduce me to new concepts and showed me how to look at the same thing through different lenses. Hence this program has been very useful and I would definitely recommend this program to not only those who are new to the field but also who have been doing evaluation for a long time.”