Universalia requests your feedback

Universalia is preparing a publication to celebrate our 30th anniversary in which we would like to reflect on our experience in the evaluation field. One of the articles will be on the evaluation of gender in development initiatives. Our firm is not specialized in gender evaluation, but we have worked on several of these assignments and have faced some challenges. We would like to know whether our experience is similar to yours and whether you have encountered additional or different challenges. We hope that you can take a few minutes to answer these five questions:

  1. What aspects of gender equality do clients ask you to evaluate most often? (What kinds of questions are most frequently included the ToRs?)
  2. Is evaluating gender any different than evaluating other themes (environment, human rights, governance, etc.)? If so, how?
  3. What kinds of challenges have you faced in evaluating gender equality? (Content/approach/resources)
    • Have the client’s expectations ever been unrealistic?
    • How can we track results related to gender equality?
  4. What are some strategies or approaches that you have used to evaluate gender equality?
  5. What would make evaluating gender easier and more effective?

This set of questions is meant to help you to think through the evaluations you have conducted related to gender. This list of questions is not exhaustive and there might be some additional or other elements that you would like to bring up. Please feel free to bring them up. Thanks for your contribution to this effort compile some lessons in this area. We would be happy to send you a copy of the end result.