IPDET-IDRC Anniversary Panel: Building the field of development evaluation for the next 10 years

Duration: 28 minutes, 06 seconds

To mark IPDET’s tenth anniversary and the fortieth anniversary of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the two organizations collaborated to present a special panel discussion

    Mary Chinery-Hesse
    Former Chief Advisor to the President of Ghana and Deputy Director-General of the ILO in Geneva
    Indran Naidoo
    Deputy-Director General: Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Service Commission of South Africa, and former Deputy-Chair of the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMA)
    The panel was moderated by Marie-Hélène Adrien, former president, International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) and president, Universalia Management Group in Montreal.
Watch the video above for their thoughts on:
  • What is the biggest challenge that will face development evaluation in 2020?
  • What is the greatest shift in thinking and practice that will be required for development evaluation in 2020?

Highlights from the panelists’ presentations

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Duration: 17:53

Panelists’ exchange

After their formal presentations, panelists engaged in a more freewheeling discussion that touched upon the challenges of evaluation capacity building and the special skills evaluators need to speak truth to power. Click here to view their conversation.

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Duration: 2:07

Certification and the need to institutionalize the evaluation function

Several evaluation associations are debating the merits and disadvantages of certifying or accrediting evaluators, that is, guaranteeing that they meet certain professional norms and standards. In the absence of certification, institutionalizing the function can help enhance accountability and transparency. Here is what Indran and Mary had to say about the issue...

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Duration: 2:00

Complexity in evaluation

Michael urges evaluators to embrace complexity and avoid simplification, and provides a compelling example. Click here to watch.

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Duration: 1:55

Need for timeliness and flexibility

Mary and Michael both agree on the need for timely evaluations, as well as evaluations that are flexible and adapted to the realities of a dynamic and shifting world. Listen to what they have to say...

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Duration: 2:32

Building professional capacity

One of the members in the audience asked the panelists what role, if any, more mature professional associations in the West could play in building capacity of the profession in the South. Mary and Indran replied...

These videos have been edited from their original length. If you wish to download the original, full-length panel discussion, please contact info@ipdet.org.