Dear Colleague:

Wishing to leverage on the growth and past success of IPDET, and recognizing changes that have taken place in the field of evaluation, IPDET’s co-sponsors, the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group and Carleton University agreed to conduct a Strategic Review of the program.

Find at this link the IPDET abridged public version of the strategic review. Some key recommendations for a new IPDET strategy are:

  • Building on IPDET’s compelling vision to establish strategic direction for the next five years;
  • Renewing and updating IPDET’s curriculum to ensure it integrates the latest state of the art knowledge on development evaluation;
  • Exploring the development of south-based partnership;
  • Developing a transition and succession plan for IPDET’s leadership; and
  • Establishing a plan for recognizing and retaining the excellent program management staff.

The review was a valuable process that is now complete and has provided important direction. Meanwhile we are proceeding with some of the recommendations and with preparations for IPDET 2017.

Among major efforts this year is a curriculum renewal, with the hiring of a firm to work with us in the updating of the content and pedagogical approach. We are pleased to inform you that the Evaluators' Institute/Claremont Graduate University has been competitively selected to conduct the IPDET curriculum renewal. As the sponsors of IPDET, we are enthusiastic for this next phase of IPDET and connecting with interested parties. Should you wish to provide feedback or share some ideas, please do be in touch. Direct comments to us and the IPDET Manager, Julia Thompson at

Thank you for your interest in IPDET


IPDET Cosponsors

Caroline Heider
Director General and Senior Vice President
Independent Evaluation Group
World Bank Group
André Plourde
Full Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs
Carleton University