Core Course Requirements and Expectations

The Core Course program is taught at a master’s degree level. To get the most from the program, participants are required to have an undergraduate degree. Most past participants have graduate-level degrees in a related field. Some Core Course participants will have had experience in development evaluation, but little or no formal training; others may be new to development evaluation.

To help you decide whether to attend the core program, especially if you have prior training or experience in development evaluation, we encourage you to review the Competencies for Development Evaluators developed by the International Development Evaluation Association. The Core Course will address many of the basic competencies.

IPDET Expectations of Participants

  • During the Core Course, you will be assigned to read The Road to Results, which will be provided to all participants at the start of the program. Expect to spend a couple of hours each evening reading the text, if you have not read it before the start of the program.
  • If you want your small group to consider basing its evaluation design assignment on your own program or evaluation situation, bring brief, relevant materials, such as a two-page program overview or the executive summary of a recent report on a program you need to evaluate. Small project teams, organized around your stated areas of interest, will decide which project or program they will use for their evaluation design.
  • Small group work makes up one-third of the Core Course time and will be an integral part of each day during the Core Course. You will meet with your co-participants in groups of five to eight for two hours or more each day, be challenged to develop a theory of change for a program or policy, and then design and present your team’s evaluation framework.
  • There will also be time set aside during the program for more informal exchanges with instructors, among participants, including roundtable discussions and mini-workshops.