Workshop Requirements and Expectations

All workshops require participants to have completed IPDET’s Core Course training or equivalent and to have basic evaluation skills.

This year, all workshops are once again being designed at the intermediate or advanced level. Intermediate-level workshops require participants to have a basic knowledge of and/or experience in evaluation and some familiarity with the specific workshop topic. These workshops will quickly move in to intermediate-level coverage of the topic. They assume knowledge of what has been taught in the Core Course. Some workshops may have specific prerequisites. Please check the workshop descriptions carefully before registering.

Advanced-level workshops are for participants with a strong background in the workshop subject. These workshops generally have specific prerequisites. Workshop participants also should have substantial evaluation experience.

If you are not sure whether the workshop and level are right for you, check with the instructor or the IPDET Secretariat.

Participants are not permitted to attend part of one workshop and then part of another that occupies the same time slot. Because of the costs involved, books and materials for each workshop are ordered only in amounts sufficient for those registered for that workshop. Most instructors will have contacted registered participants in advance and tailored instruction to them. Therefore, changes in workshop selections are strongly discouraged.

Participants should expect evening homework or reading.

Note that classes extend to 5:30 pm on Fridays, subject to instructor discretion. Classes will end earlier on the final Friday prior to graduation, again subject to the instructor’s discretion.

Participants in the final week of the program should plan to depart on Saturday, July 2, as graduation will continue until late in the evening on Friday, July 1.