A Unique Hands-On Experience

About one-third of the Core Course involves working in small teams that are theme-based. Each project team is tasked with preparing an evaluation design for a real-life project, based on an initiative that one of the group members needs to evaluate and for which a design will be produced. Participants are encouraged to bring a 2-3 page summary of a program or project they are directly involved with that can be proposed to the group as case study. Work on the design proceeds hand in hand with classroom coverage of the modules. Facilitators work with the project teams to provide feedback and help them stay on track. On the last day of the Core Course, each team presents its evaluation design to a panel of evaluation specialists in a live simulation of the evaluation design review process.

If numbers, materials, and interest warrant, we will organize a French-language team and facilitator for a group that will prepare its evaluation design in French.