Speakers' Presentations 2010

IPDET-IDRC Anniversary Panel

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Panel Members: Mary Chinery-HesseIndran Naidoo and Michael Patton
Moderator: Marie-Hélène Adrien

Discussion Topic: "Building the field of development evaluation for the next 10 years: learning across North and South"
June 22, 2010


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Speaker: Suresh Balakrishnan
Chief Technical Advisor, UNDP, Laos

Presentation: "Citizen Report Cards"
June 28, 2010

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Speaker: Sulley Gariba
Executive Director, Institute for Policy Alternatives, Ghana

Presentation: "Ex-ante Evaluation of Public Policy: A policy practitioner's experience"
July 1, 2010

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Speaker: Indran Naidoo
Deputy-Director General in the Office of the Public Service Commission of South Africa

Presentation: "The State of Readiness of the Public Service for 2010 and Beyond"
June 23, 2010