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Apply for Onsite 2022 – Scholarship

Fundamental Stream
Specialized Stream

On-site Scholarship - Fundamental Stream

The On-Site scholarship covers the Core Course in Week 1 and two workshops in Week 2, inclusive Full Board. Travel cost are not financed!

Week 1 - Core Course Date Apply
I want to attend to the Core Course in Week 1
11.07.2022 - 15.07.2022
Selection for Session 1

18.07.2022 - 20.07.2022 | No fees

I-a Qualitative research methods for evaluation (Scholarship)
I-b Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis (Scholarship)
I-c Communication and Reporting - How to increase the impact and utility of your evaluation (Scholarship)
I-d Essentials of Theory-Based Evaluation (Scholarship)
I-e Gender-responsive evaluation: Enhancing Empowerment and Sustainable Development (Scholarship)
I am not interested
Selection for Session 2

21.07.2022 - 22.07.2022 | No fees

II-a Collecting quantitative Data and Survey design (Scholarship)
II-b Designing evaluations (Scholarship)
II-c  Culturally and contextually responsive evaluation (Scholarship)
II-d Evaluation and Climate Change (Scholarship)
II-e Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in Organizations (Scholarship)
I am not interested

We are not offering a Specialized Stream in 2022.

Please switch back to our Fundamental Stream.