3-a National Evaluation Systems in the public service: institutionalising evidence informed policy making

What is institutionalisation of evaluation? What is an evaluation system and why are they important? These are the questions this workshops deals with. In a practical and interactive way, the workshops explores process of institutionalising evaluation through evaluation systems. The workshop draws from documented experiences of governments that have evaluation systems, as well as the facilitators’ own experience of developing national systems. It explores both the technical and cultural/political elements of institutionalisation of evaluations within the public service. It also examines how formalisation of evaluation within public service management strengthens the use of evaluative evidence in public policy and supports adaptive management and performance improvement.


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Our schedule for synchronous workshop:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9.30-12.00 CET

Tuesday and Thursday

11.30-14.00 CET

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In each session you will find reading list, and slides from the session.

Ian Goldman · September 7, 2020


Matodzi Amisi, Research Associate CLEAR-AA

Prof Ian Goldman, Advisor on Evaluation Systems CLEAR-AA

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