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Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Case studies to review

Ian Goldman September 11, 2020

Instruction to the groups

Read the case study you are allocated to (1 hour)

Choose a facilitator

Choose someone to capture;

Choose someone to present on behalf of the group

Discuss for 45 minutes or so: 

Does the policy provide clarity of concepts?

Does the policy define what is to be evaluate, how and by who?

Does the policy articulate institutional arrangements to support the institutionalisation efforts?

Does the policy differentiate monitoring and evaluation?

To what extent does the policy encourage use of evaluation evidence? oAnything missing from the policy?

Any potential/foreseeable challenges with the policy’s implementation?

Prepare a presentation on google slides to respond to the questions to share with the rest of the class tomorrow/later.  

Google slides for group work

•Group 1- South Africa:

•Group 2- Nigeria:

•Group 3 – Costa Rica:

•Group 4 – Colombia:

•Group 5 – Ghana:

•Group 6- Uganda: