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Collecting and managing geo-tagged data for M&E, with simple tools and local skills: The Geo-Enabling initiative for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS)

August 23 – 27
Introductory to intermediate
Recommended for
Evaluators, Policy Makers, Practitioners


Watch the Interview with the participant John Njovu!

workshop pitch


This workshop will train M&E stakeholders in the use of simple and cost-free open-source tools to create customized digital field data collection and analysis systems. These data automatically feed into a centralized system that allows for geo-tagged data visualization of infrastructure investments, service delivery, or any kind of field activities. As the underlying technology is based on open source software, the system itself presents a low-threshold and efficient solution for data management as a basis for various real-time monitoring, supervision and evaluation uses. The GEMS method has been widely used in more than 70 developing countries by the World Bank and the donor community, governments, UN Agencies, NGOs and researchers.


After the hands-on training, all participants should be able to create their own real-time monitoring platform with tailor-made digital questionnaires, deploy the system and begin data collection in the field and real-time analysis.

The training is suited for participants at any level and will cover the following contents:

(a)  Data platform conception and administration, including creation of customized data architectures

(b)  Digital form design and creation of sound data collection and monitoring systems (incl. privacy protocols, gender disaggregation, etc.)

(c)  System deployment, training of field enumerators, in-field data collection, data synchronization

(d)  Data analysis and management, data export, geo-mapping and reporting, remote supervision

recommended for

Emerging evaluators, development professionals, project team members, humanitarians, policy-makers, and anyone else who would like to collect structured real-time data in the field with low-cost tools.


The workshop is suited for any level. There is no prerequisite in terms of IT or GIS skills.


Participants should have some familiarity with project monitoring or the evaluation field. Most importantly, they should have a use case in mind for which they can use the digital real-time monitoring tools.
Ideally, every participant has access to a smartphone or tablet (Android preferred, by iOS works too).

With special contributions by Bernhard Metz

Bernhard Metz is a Senior Operations Officer in the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict & Violence Group. His work focuses on the use of technology and innovative methods to enhance project implementation and supervision in FCV settings as well as the COVID-19 context. In this regard, he leads the Geo-Enabling initiative for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS), which builds capacity in the use of field-ready Open Source technology among government agencies, Bank staff, and partners. Before joining the Bank in 2012 and completing an MPA degree at Harvard University, Bernhard worked as special assistant to the CEO and lead of a data analysis unit at Allianz Global Investors.



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