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Canceled! – What have we learned from conducting evaluations in times of Covid-19? What will the new normal look like?

September 20 – 24
Recommended for
Comissioners, Evaluators, Practitioners

This Workshop has been canceled!




The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and opportunities for the practice of evaluation. In addition to constraints on data collection and participation from travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, there has also been increasing need for more rapid evaluations to inform more adaptive and nimble management, and a changing focus in terms of what is evaluated and for what purposes. This workshop will share what has been learned about how to adapt evaluation practice – and what might be useful to make part of the new normal. It will introduce a framework for thinking through the various aspects of evaluation that might need to be adapted and recommended resources for following up specific methods, processes and approaches that are particularly relevant.


The participants will

  • Understand options for adapting data collection and engagement processes
    • Methods and processes for collecting data and stakeholder engagement under the restrictive circumstances of COID-19:
    • Which options might be discontinued or continued going forward
  • Understand options for improving other aspects of evaluation practice:
    • Better use of existing data, research and evaluation
    • Better analysis of data
    • Other innovations in evaluation practice
  • Explore potential implications for the scope of evaluation now and beyond:
    • Changes in policies, values and behaviours
    • Policy priorities in the COVID recovery
  • Apply a framework for thinking through the various ways in which evaluation practice might need to change now and into the future
  • Explore the potential application of various methods, processes and approaches in their own practice



This workshop will be useful for individual evaluators and practitioners who are interested in exploring ways of expanding their evaluation practice to better meet changing needs.  It will also be useful for commissioners and managers of evaluation to identify ways of structuring evaluation processes to support the changes in evaluation that are needed. The workshop will provide a framework for thinking about the different ways that evaluation practice might need to change, with examples, discussion and links to more detailed resources for following up specific methods, processes and approaches.


This is an intermediate course designed for people with experience planning, managing and/or conducting evaluations.


Participants must have an internet capable computer and be able to download files from an email or Google Folder.