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CLOSED I-c: Communication and Reporting: How to increase the impact and utility of your Evaluation

On-Site Workshop
Part of
Session One
July 17 - 19
Recommended for
Evaluators, Management, Policy Makers, Practitioners

Workshop pitch


Effective reporting and communication/dissemination play a critical role in driving the utility of evaluations in order to maximize their impact. In reality however, many evaluation findings seldom make it beyond the desks of policymakers and other key stakeholders, resulting in missed opportunities for strengthening accountability, learning and evaluation culture. It is essential that Monitoring and Evaluation professionals possess the skills necessary to disseminate evaluations in ways that increase the likelihood key stakeholders will absorb and act on the findings.

This workshop is designed to resource professionals with a holistic range of theoretical and practical tools to enhance the impact of their work. Participants will explore the critical role that stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, effective reporting, feedback loops, and dissemination technology play throughout the monitoring and evaluation cycle. Ethical good practice under pin each focus area.


During the workshop, participants will:

  • Explore stakeholder engagement throughout the evaluation life cycle of development interventions, including feedback loops
  • Deepen their understanding of effective reporting with specific focus on:
    • Report structure and organization
    • Effective report writing
    • Effective data visualization or Presenting data effectively
  • Explore the effective communication and dissemination, with focus on:
    • The development of effective communication and dissemination strategy, including the use of technology.
    • Ethical consideration in communicating and reporting findings (understanding diversity and designing inclusively
    • Managing conflict in evaluation practice
  • Investigate case studies and examples of good practice in evaluation reporting, communication/dissemination, and organizational learning.
  • Gain access to practical tools, resources, and tips for effective evaluation communication and reporting.

recommended for

  • Program Managers, Government Officials, Donors, and others, who commission evaluations or use evaluations as part of their work.
  • Evaluators who are looking to strengthen how they engage key stakeholders and communicate evaluation findings for maximum impact.


This workshop covers the fundamentals of evaluation communication and reporting, as well as how to leverage feedback loops to increase evaluation utility. The workshop requires that participants have, at least, some experience working in an organizational setting and a basic understanding of the role of monitoring and evaluation in the development intervention.


  • An understanding of basic monitoring and evaluation practices
  • Prior experience commissioning and/or conducting evaluations would be useful and will help participants bring real-life perspectives to the workshop.