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Computer-Assisted Qualitative data analysis: A Primer

On-Site Workshop
Part of
Session Two
July 20 - 21
Recommended for
Evaluators, Policy Makers, Practitioners


This workshop provides participants with an overview of the fundamentals of mixed methods and qualitative research, with a specific focus on the application of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software in evaluation. The workshop offers an introduction to NVivo, a program that facilitates the analysis of unstructured text (interviews, focus group discussions, project documents, secondary literature, etc.) as well as images, audio, and video. The session will give an interactive tutorial of the basics of data analysis in the context of evaluative synthesis, focusing on project setup, coding, the use of Boolean queries, data analysis, and synthesis. The ultimate goal of the workshop will be to give participants all of the basic tools they need to begin using NVivo in their own work. The workshop will also offer some best-practice tips on qualitative data analysis for those who may wish to apply these lessons to other tools and platforms for text analysis.


The workshop offers participants hands-on training on the basics of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. Using trial licenses of NVivo, each participant will be able to jump into the manipulation and analysis of data for evaluative synthesis, from the basics of setting up a project to exporting insights for use. Among other tasks, participants will learn to:

  • Set up projects in NVivo (including uploading and manipulating input data for analysis)
  • Learn the basics of coding in NVivo
  • Cross-tabulate, merge, and disaggregate findings based on coded data
  • Learn how to set up a consistent coding scheme for portfolio classification and analysis
  • Use Boolean queries and other search tools to accelerate coding
  • Manipulate large quantities of text data using autocoding, case analysis, and framework matrices
  • Aggregate and synthesize insights captured in coded data
  • Export their findings and test the reliability of outputs (including inter-coder reliability)

recommended for

The workshop is open to all evaluators and professionals interested in getting a practical introduction to computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. Though the practical examples will be focused on applications for evaluation, the general principles should be relevant to decision-makers, analysts, and other professionals who are interested in the systematic analysis of qualitative data and mixed-methods research.


The workshop serves as a primer and has no prerequisites. Participants should bring their laptops and be ready to follow along with the practical demonstration. Familiarity with the basics of qualitative data analysis is helpful but not necessary.