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I-b: Designing and building results-based Monitoring and Evaluation systems

Part of
Session One
July 13 - 15
Recommended for
Evaluators, Management, Policy Makers


Using small group exercises and case studies, participants review and apply the key ‘ten steps’ in building results-based M&E systems. Group work involves planning for a readiness assessment, determining indicators and targets, and preparing a results frameworks (based on a theory of change) for management and decision-making. Throughout the workshop, participants discuss and unpack the ten steps, the task needed to complete each of them, and the tools to help along the way. The workshop topics structured around the lead trainer’s book, Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System: A Handbook for Development Practitioners, with added features such as examples of M&E systems and platforms used by governments (national and subnational), development agencies, and other agencies.


The participants will

  • be aware of the steps to plan, design, and implement a results-based monitoring and evaluation system within their organization,
  • gain experience in developing a results framework and working with indicators and measures, data collection and analysis plans, considering how and which data, as well as issues around baseline data and target,
  • understand how an M&E system is a valuable tool to support good public Management.


recommended for

The workshop is suitable for not only evaluators, but also for professionals working more on planning and/or monitoring duties, and users of M&E system data. It is of interest to professionals in large to small agencies who have duties to develop, supervise, and/or use data from M&E systems. The workshop also appeals to policymakers, such as parliamentarians, to understand how M&E systems data can be helpful in the decision-making process.


All levels of M&E professionals are invited to attend this workshop who are interested in who have duties to develop, supervise, and/or use data from M&E Systems.


This course has no prerequisites beyond familiarity with basic M&E concepts and practices. Having experience building theories of change, results frameworks, and indicator planning is helpful, but not required. Online readings will be provided to those participants, in advance, who would like to familiarize themselves with theories of change, results frameworks and indicators.