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II-e: Essentials of Private Sector Development Evaluations and the Case for Impact Investment

Part of
Session Two
July 16 - 17
Recommended for
Comissioners, Evaluators, Management, Parlamentarians, Policy Makers


How many times have you heard that the Private Sector is key to achieving the 2030 Agenda? Is it Hope or Hype? Some of us sense that “The Truth is out there”. Others wonder if the private sector is going to Hijack the SDGs.
This workshop helps you explore the nuances of private sector evaluations by studying, exploring and decoding, via theories and case studies:

  • Similarities and Differences between Public and Private sector evaluations
  • Private Sector Evaluation Standards and Principles
  • Approaches, Methods and Benchmark techniques to evaluate Private Sector Interventions
  • Emerging Trends, the Kingmakers and Change agents in the architecture of development finance

During the workshop, you work individually and in small groups, learning from each other and testing your assumptions about the private sector. Further, through case studies you test your evaluation methodology skills. Finally, the understanding of private sector operations in development helps you make better decisions for your clients, your stakeholders and your teams.
We cover three cases, namely private sector in the Infrastructure sector, Financial sector and Agri development. If time permits, we study a case on evaluating Policy Advise or Technical Assistance that involves the private sector


The main objectives are

  • To expand on the theoretical understanding of private sector activities in development, the evolution of private sector finance in development interventions and views on private sector development,
  • To enhance evaluation professional’ understanding of private sector development approaches and corresponding evaluation methodologies,
  • To train evaluation professionals with experience in the private sector in new instruments and tools that are shaping development finance.

recommended for

The workshop is suitable for not only evaluators, but also for professionals working on planning and/or monitoring duties, and decision makers from Line Ministries, such as Ministry of Economy, Finance, and the Central Banks.
It is of interest to evaluation professionals in large to small agencies, such as MDBs, DFIs, Private Consulting firms, who have duties to evaluate private sector operations and discuss outcomes from private sector finance in their projects.
The workshop also appeals to policymakers, such as parliamentarians and Government officials, to understand analytically how private sector activities can be helpful in contributing to their Country Programs, National Financing Strategies and the 2030 agenda.


The workshop is intended for professionals with mid-to high-level expertise in evaluations. Participants should have some familiarity with the evaluation field (i.e. types of evaluation, principles of evaluation, uses of evaluation) and with social science research methodology. But no advanced training in statistics or statistical software is required.


Basic evaluation training, basics of cost-benefit analysis.