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Full-board Accommodation

accommodation for full board participants and scholarship holders

Please note that these are no hotels.

  • Location: University’s student houses called “Bümpliz-Nord” and “Tscharnergut”, approximately 15 min distance by public transport to the IPDET site.

  • Rooms: Single room, equipped with a single bed, desk, storage space, bed-linen and towels.
  • Bathroom: Shared bathroom for 2-3 persons or shared bathroom on the floor
  • Facilities: Shared kitchen on the floor, washing machines available

  • Services: Weekly cleaning service including changing towels.
  • Conditions: The student houses are comfortable and clean but not luxurious! There is no air-conditioning. Residing in a student house might not be the right option for everyone due to certain cultural/religious/personal restrictions. In case you have doubts, please contact the IPDET office before choosing the full-board option.
  • Restrictions:
    • Bringing spouses and/or children is not possible, as the student’s houses do not provide suitable facilities for families.
    • For security reasons, changing rooms without informing the office is prohibited.
  • Bookings: IPDET office takes care of the booking when you chose the full-board option. You will receive all necessary information including your room assignment.
Check-in and check-out
  • Check-in: Sundays between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., i.e. 9.07. or 16.07.
  • Check-out: Saturdays until 10:00 a.m., i.e. 15.07. or 22.07.
  • Note: IPDET only covers accommodation from Sunday before the start of the booked program to Saturday morning after the end of the booked program.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided each day of scheduled program (Mo-Fr) at the mensa of the University.  The University Cafeteria offers a vegan and a non-vegan option for each meal (lunch and dinner). Please note that it is not possible for IPDET to offer suitable meal alternatives for all dietary requirements (e.g., we cannot provide Halal food). If you are on a specific diet or have special allergies (e.g., coeliac disease), the Full Board product might not be suitable for your needs!
  • No food is provided on weekends.
  • Each participant receives a public transportation ticket upon registration! This Ticket is called “Libero-Ticket” and only valid within the program time. It allows the utilization of any public transport in the city of Bern.