Instructor Biography - Claudia Maldonado

Claudia Maldonado is a professor of Public Administration at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics in Mexico City (MPA from Princeton; PhD from University of Notre Dame). She specializes in evaluation and social policy and promotes critical engagement in methodological debates in the field. Founding Director of the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Latin America, she has trained public officials and evaluators in impact evaluation throughout Latin America and coordinates de Diploma in Public Policy and Evaluation at CLEAR. Editor of several books and author of research articles on evaluation, performance-based management in Latin America, and the methodological landscape of the field. Claudia Maldonado is a member of the Evaluation Advisory Panel at UNICEF and ad honorem member of the National Academy of Evaluators in Mexico. She has taught impact evaluation at the Universidad Complutense, El Colegio de México, National Evaluation Capacities, the Latin American Center for Administration for Development, ESAP-Brazil, etc.

Claudia will be instructing the following workshops:

Id - Rigorous Impact Evaluation - how, why and what for