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The “IPDET Community Server – memorable online Society”

We want to contribute in building a global, inclusive, multi-disciplinary community committed to evaluative evidence improving development outcomes. To do so, we create space for engagement with our training offerings, as well as with our community offerings.

Therefore, we designed the IPDET CoSMOS. The IPDET CoSMOS is a virtual place (a so called Server, created on Discord) for you to explore with other IPDET Community members:

  • Come together to meet & network with other IPDET alumni and individuals with an interest in evaluation
  • Exchange material (e.g. templates) or job offerings
  • Ask questions, receive support, help others
  • Jointly develop ideas for the integration and use of evaluation
  • Team up to apply for job offers as a group or generally working together
  • Join fun and informative activities, e.g. the IPDET Meeting Monday

Become part of something big now!


Important Note: After registering on Discord you may need to use the invitation link below a second time to join the IPDET CoSMOS. For further explanation watch the guide below!

Watch the guide in how to join and use the IPDET CoSMOS: