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eLearning platform

In 2021 the platform has been developed, enriched with new functions and its usability was improved. This Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) system is used to manage IPDET ‘s application process as well as the facilitation of the workshops.

As part of the platform the eLearning platform was improved for workshop facilitation and offers a wide spectrum of technical features as well as opportunities of creating a powerful training setup. It provides a platform for the workshops and its participants that can be used before, during and after the workshops. It serves as key basis for the IPDET Core Course and the IPDET workshops. Following a new structure of the standardized logic for all workshops, documents like slides, literature as well as videos are shared with the participants and quizzes can be integrated for better learning.

Additionally, the eLearning platform serves as area for interaction and is used for communication purposes in the IPDET workshops. Therefore, it contains social components like chats and forums that ease the exchange of instructors, the participants and the IPDET staff. The learning times and the tasks are shared via the platform and it provides a communication function and answers or documents from participants can be collected.

See below the online course start page and content using the example of IPDET 2021 online workshops: