Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to inform you about important developments related to the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET).

Carleton University, our long-term partner in IPDET delivery, has decided to disengage from IPDET. This means the 2017 summer program will not be offered. We thank Carleton for its dedication to the program over the years. Both Carleton and IEG are committed to a smooth transition over the next months.

This change does not mean the end for the IPDET brand nor IEG’s commitment to evaluation capacity development (ECD). Over the coming weeks and months, we will explore what IPDET could be and might be, with input and guidance from the evaluation community and IPDET’s supporters over the years. And while there will be no 2017 program, IEG continues its 2016/2017 curriculum renewal effort to refresh the IPDET core course.

This time of transition is a good opportunity to thank IPDET’s many contributors. Importantly we highlight the IPDET Secretariat team led by Julia Thompson (Program Manager), the IPDET workshop faculty, facilitators, and panelists. In addition, we thank the co-founders and co-directors, Ray Rist and Linda Morra, who have been the driving force behind the program since the beginning. Finally, the program could not have been a success for all of these years without the support of our donors.

With over 2,600 alumni from 161 countries, IPDET has made an important contribution to global evaluation capacity. The alumni have gone on to do great work in their organizations and countries.

Over the next months, as IEG assesses options, the IPDET website and listserv will be kept alive with information about the transition. If you are interested in receiving information about other evaluation training, sign up here. Should you have specific questions, please send them to


Caroline Heider
Director General, Evaluation, Senior VP
Independent Evaluation Group - World Bank Group