Core Course

The 2020 Core Course provides a comprehensive overview of what is evaluation and how to do it. It combines lectures, group work, theory and practice in an interactive learning environment.

Recommended for

The course is designed for those with little prior evaluation experience or training, or for those seeking to refresh and update their basic knowledge. This refers to beginners in evaluation to become evaluators, or mid level and senior management of governmental and non-governmental organizations and private companies as well as parliamentarians who want to gain basic knowledge in evaluation to be able to commission, manage, demand or use evaluations.


The participants

  • know about various evaluation definitions, concepts, approaches and theories and their range of applications
  • know to give answers to the fundamental conceptual evaluation questions (like: objectives, functions, tasks, criteria, etc.)
  • know about the influence of the social context on evaluations
  • know how to analyze an evaluation object, develop a theory of change and an evaluation grid
  • have basic knowledge about the designs, data collection and data analysis methods used in evaluation
  • know internal standards of evaluation and be able to take them into account when planning and conducting an evaluation
  • know the different phases of an evaluation and related organizational tasks in order to manage evaluations
  • know the requirements for a 'good' evaluation report and presentation for a target group-oriented communication and dissemination
  • know about the different kinds of use and how the use of evaluation results can be supported.

The Core Course involves working in small teams that are theme-based. Participants are encouraged to bring a 2-3-page summary of a program or project they are directly involved with that can be proposed to the group as case study.


    Stefanie Krapp

    Reinhard Stockmann

    Candice Morkel

    Wolfgang Meyer

Core Course Modules

    Module 1:  Introduction and Overview

    Module 2:  Identifications and Analysis of the evaluation object

    Module 3:  Context of evaluations

    Module 4:  Theories and evaluation approaches

    Module 5:  Evaluation cycle

    Module 6:  Overview of designs, data collection and data analysis methods

    Module 7:  Reporting, Presentation, Utilization