Location & Accommodation

There are different accommodation options for your stay in Bern. As a scholarship holder or a participant who booked “Tuition, room and board” (the “Residential option”), accommodation will be provided in one of the University Student’s Houses “Bolligen”, “Tscharnergut” or “Fellergut”.

IPDET will arrange the booking.

Participants who choose “tuition only” are responsible to book their accommodation themselves.

A) Accommodation for residential (full board) participants and scholarship holders

The student houses provide single-rooms with shared bathroom for 2 persons or shared bathrooms on the floor, a kitchen on the floor, washing machines and internet. Each room is equipped with a single bed, a desk, and storage space, as well as bedlinen and a towel. The houses are comfortable, but not luxurious.

Cleaning service is once a week, including changing towels and removing trash.

Regrettably, bringing spouses and/or children is not possible, as the student's houses do not provide suitable facilities for families.

While the supplies of rooms last, the IPDET office will arrange the booking, assign you to a room in one of the houses, and inform you accordingly before the program starts.

Should you wish the residential option please click on the respective icon in the application form.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided each day of scheduled program at the University Cafeteria. No food will be provided on weekends.


Each participant will receive a “Libero-Ticket” which allows public transport in the city of Bern.

The accommodation is not on campus but very well connected by public transport. The short train trip to Berne University takes about 15 minutes.

Arrival and departure

Arrival:  Arrival is possible on each Sunday during the program, i.e. 05.07. or 12.07. or 22.07.

Departure:  Departure must take place on Saturday until 10 am , i.e. 11.07. or 18.07. or 25.08.

Note:  IPDET only covers accommodation from Sunday before the start of the booked program to Saturday morning after the end of the booked program.

B) Accommodation options for "tuition only" participants

IPDET has negotiated special prices with several hotels in Bern located near the University. These are easily accessible by foot, public transport or bike.

Please find a range of these very suitable options:

Hotel List


Should any of these options be of interest to you, kindly make reservations directly with the hotel via phone or email to receive the special price, not online!

Make sure to mention "University of Bern / IPDET" when you make your reservation. Some hotels also may want to see the confirmation of your acceptance to the program.

Please be aware that in summer many hotels in Berne are booked very fast. First come first serve!


Bern has to offer some newly built Hostels, which provide various options of accommodation.

    Hostel 77

    Youth Hostel Bern


Tuition covers two coffee breaks, as well as lunch in the University Cafeteria from Monday-Friday.


Most of the hotels hand out “Libero-Tickets” at the check-in, which allow public transport in the city of Bern. We recommend to ask the hotel's reception when making the booking.

General information


The Swiss capital Bern is served by the Swiss rail SBB, which provides timetables and direct fast connections from Zurich or Geneva International Air-port and good connections to other places in Switzerland. The Bern Tourism services provides more information on how to get around the city, things to do, practical tourist information or a selection of highlights on tourist attractions.

To get around Bern by public transportation, participants will receive a «LIBERO ticket». It is included in the «residential option» (fees and full board). For those who booked "tuition only" and will stay in a hotel, the ticket will be provided by the hotel (please make sure to ask accordingly when you get into contact). Using the public transportation system’s frequent bus, tram, or train connections offers plenty of choices to explore the city and the close by mountain area.


The university’s facilities include cafeterias, libraries with international newspapers, and a park with a picture book view over the city and the alps. Banks and ATMs, convenience stores, bookstores, a public outdoor swimming pool, hair salons, pharmacies, and many other services are in the centre of the city a few minutes away walking. Bear in mind that on Sundays (also August 01, Switzerland's national day) most shops are closed, except at the main train station where the big supermarket chains MIGROS or COOP have a store.


Guests at the University of Bern can use the wireless network on campus. Participants will be provided with login details.


IPDET classroom attire is business casual. Participants are encouraged to bring their national dress or other dress clothes for special evening events.

Please be aware that there is no air-conditioning in the University buildings!