Why Register?

Registration for the IPDET website has a number of advantages:

  • Individuals desiring to complete the on-line application form must be registered users of the website.

  • If you intend to submit an on-line application and cannot complete the form in one session, registering with IPDET gives you the ability to return to the site at a later date to complete an "in-progress" application.

  • Once you are accepted into the program, IPDET will be able to provide you with an additional form in which to provide your travel information.

  • Certain information and tools on the website are reserved for registered users and/or past participants of the IPDET program. Registration grants access to the MyIPDET area of the website and some of the aforementioned information.

  • Registered past participants of the IPDET program will have access to tools allowing them to administer their IPDET ListServ account details.

NOTE: Registration does not automatically result in an application to attend IPDET. If you wish to apply to the program, please register and then complete the online application form.