2020 Workshops

After the Core Course, 24 in-depth workshops of two to two and a half days, each in specialized areas of evaluation practice, theory or Methods, are offered over a two-week period. Participants may attend one or both weeks or register for a single workshop.

The new Workshop-program for IPDET 2020 is currently in process of planning and will be uploaded soon!

Workshop Requirements and Expectations

The two weeks of workshops refer to two strands for different target groups:

  • Workshops offer further consolidation and deeper conceptual and practical applications of key Core Course content;
  • Advanced workshops explore current and cutting edge methodological and thematic topics.

Please see the respective descriptions of the core course and workshops. The instructors defined very clearly what the preconditions for participating in the respective workshop are and on what level with which objectives they intend to implement the workshop! Please read the information carefully to select the right workshop for you!

It will not be possible to change the workshop selection during the program!

Participants are also not permitted to attend part of one workshop and then part of another that occupies the same time slot.