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Marianne Meier

Lecturer and researcher at the University of Bern’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies

Dr. Marianne Meier has long-term experience in development research, practice, and capacity building in the area of ‘Gender & Development’ with a focus on sport, diversity, empowerment, migration, human rights and especially monitoring & evaluation. She holds a PhD in sport pedagogics and published her thesis on sporting role models in sub-Saharan Africa. Originally, she obtained a double major in history and political science studying in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and the USA.
Marianne is specialised in inclusive, trans- and interdisciplinary as well as participatory M&E focussing on mixed methods for data collection as well as multimodal didactics for capacity building in various socio-cultural contexts such as Sri Lanka, Colombia, Japan, Madagascar, Malawi, Togo, Morocco, etc.
Marianne is currently a lecturer, researcher and consultant for the ‘Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies’ at the University of Bern with mandates in Greece and Switzerland. Mandated by the Swiss government, she does also manage the Women’s Human Rights App. Moreover, she is Vice-President of the ‘International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Women and Girls’ (IAPESGW) and lecturing at different Universities.

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