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Stefan Silvestrini

CEO at CEval GmbH

Stefan Silvestrini is the CEO of the CEval GmbH, the entrepreneurial spin-off of the Center for Evaluation. He is a Sociologist by education with a particular focus on empirical methods and impact evaluation. His main research areas include Development Cooperation, Climate Change and Adaptation, Environmental Management, Rural and Urban Development, Good Governance, Gender and Humanitarian Aid as well as Education. In these fields Stefan has led numerous evaluations for governmental and non-governmental organizations in the European Union, South and South-East Asia as well as Sub-Sahara Africa.

Stefan is a former “TRANSDISS” stipendiary of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and received in 2011 the Young Talent Award of the German Evaluation Society for his PhD thesis about ex-ante evaluation of development cooperation programs. He has published various book and journal articles in the field of program evaluation, focusing on methodological topics and practical guidance, and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences (DeGEval, EES etc.) on these topics. With 25 years of practical working experience he has a strong background in developing elaborated evaluation designs, applying qualitative and quantitative methods as well as communicating research results to a broad audience.