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Dugan Fraser

Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)
Program Manager at GEI

Dugan Fraser is the Program Manager at the Global Evaluation Initiative (in the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group). He was previously Director of the Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he was an Adjunct Professor. He previously worked as an independent consultant specializing in supporting organizations and institutions to make better decisions by collecting and using evidence. He helped design interventions, monitor performance and assess results as well as supported strategy and programme planning.

Before that he was the Programme Director at the RAITH Foundation, where he was responsible for programme strategy design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation and the provision of technical advice to grantees. He was also responsible for supporting the Foundation’s responsible investment strategy.

He had worked before as independent public and development management consultant specializing in monitoring and evaluation for learning, accountability and performance improvement. His particular interest was in large scale systems, such as the African Union’s African Peer Review System, the Presidency’s
Government Wide M&E System and the PSC’s Public Service M&E System, on which he worked.

He has extensive experience in working with social justice, social protection, public administration and governance, gender, human rights and related issues. His specific areas of expertise include evaluation, monitoring system development, strategic and programme planning, institutional and capacity development and process facilitation. He chairs the Board of Just Share, a non-profit promoting shareholder activism, and is a member of the Board of the Social Justice Initiative. He was previously the Chairperson of the Board of the SA M&E Association.