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Full-board Accommodation

accommodation for full board participants and scholarship holders

  • Location: One of the university’s student houses called “Bolligen”, “Wankdorf” or “Tscharnergut”, approximately 15 min distance by public transport to the IPDET site.
  • Rooms: Single room, equipped with a single bed, desk, storage space, bed-linen and towels.
  • Bathroom: Shared bathroom for 2 persons or in some cases shared bathroom on the floor







  • Facilities: Shared kitchen on the floor, washing machines available against a payment of a small fee.
  • Services: Weekly cleaning service including changing towels and removing trash.
  • Conditions: The student houses are comfortable and clean but not luxurious! There is no air-conditioning. Residing in a student house might not be the right option for everyone due to certain cultural/religious/personal restrictions. In case you have doubts, please contact the IPDET office before choosing the full-board option.
  • Restrictions:
    • Bringing spouses and/or children is not possible, as the student’s houses do not provide suitable facilities for families.
    • Changes in or between the student houses are not possible during the program.
  • Bookings: IPDET office takes care of the booking when you chose the “Tuition & Full-board option”. You will receive all necessary information including your room assignment.
Check-in and check-out
  • Check-in: Sundays after 12 pm, i.e. 05.07. or 12.07. or 19.07.
  • Check-out: Saturdays until 10 am, i.e. 11.07. or 18.07. or 25.07.
  • Note: IPDET only covers accommodation from Sunday before the start of the booked program to Saturday morning after the end of the booked program.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided each day of scheduled program at the University Cafeteria.
  • No food is provided over the weekends.
  • Each participant receives a public transportation ticket (called “Libero-Ticket”). It allows the utilization of any public transport in the city of Bern.