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Meet your team:

After you registered, we assign you to a team that will tackle your chosen challenge with you. Your team will consist of up to 7 persons from different countries. Shortly before the start of the Evaluation Hackathon, you will receive all information to access your team workspace and the Slack platform. This will be the communication channel for your team and the whole Hackathon community throughout the week.

Get started:

The Hackathon Kick-off takes place on Tuesday, July 7 at 1pm CET with welcoming words, detailed information and the first input from the Design Thinking Expert. Mark your calendars!

Get inspired:

Each day from Tuesday, July 7 to Friday, July 10, we will meet at 1pm CET for a 30 min input on Design Thinking including including food-for-thought on how to stimulate ideas, how to achieve great goals within this week, how to collaborate in online team work and how to pitch successfully. The Sessions will be recorded and will be made available online.

Get things done:

Meet with your team, discuss your challenge, distribute tasks and determine your group´s working mode. The level of action, learning and fun in your team is defined by your and your team members commitment. It will depend on your own availability and ambition as well as on the group dynamic how you will work throughout the week, when you will meet as a group and when you will work individually on the project´s progress.

You will share your work progress on your groups project-page and keep in contact with your team and the whole Evaluation Hackathon community via our communication tool Slack. At the end of the week, your team will design a 2-3min pitch video and upload it on your workspace.

Our facilitators will encourage and support you along the way in case you have any question or face technical issues.

Share your experience:

Do you want to know how other teams have been doing throughout the week, which challenges they faced, which working modes they adopted, which solutions they came up with? We invite all participants to an Online-Gathering on Thursday, July 16 at 1pm CET where we share best-practises and lessons-learnt with each other.

Celebrate together:

The Jury will assess all delivered solutions according to clear criteria on basis of your pitch video and team workspace. On Tuesday, July 21 at 1pm CET, we will celebrate the great achievements of the Evaluation Hackathon, reminisce our best-off moments and award the three most promising solution. Take a look at the great awards here!