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Tuition-only Accommodation

Booking an accommodation falls within your own responsibility, if you booked tuition only!

Accommodation provided by IPDET

IPDET has negotiated special rates with several hotels in Bern located near the University. You may use the platform provided by the City of Bern for booking to profit from special rates offered for IPDET participants (limited capacity) here.

Other accommodation options (not organized by IPDET) are:

  • Hostels: Bern has to offer some newly built Hostels, which provide various options of accommodation like YouthHostel or Hostel77
  • AirBnB: check out this renowned platform to see the offers of private apartments in Bern.

Please be aware that in summer many hotels and accommodations in Bern are booked very fast. First come first serve!


Monday to Friday: Coffee breaks and Lunch at the Cafeteria/Mensa.


  • If staying in a hotel: Most of the hotels hand out the “Libero-Tickets” at the check-in, which allow public transport in the city of Bern. We recommend asking the hotel’s reception when making the booking.
  • If staying elsewhere: you can buy a weekly ticket at the machine at any public transport station.
IPDET Hotel List
IPDET Hotel List special prizes

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