II-f Through the Looking Glass: Opportunities, Risks and Trends in Private Sector Evaluations

Description of workshop contents

The workshop will set out of the context of private sector evaluation methodology and the progress made in the past 20 years through consortia like the Evaluation Coalition Group. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals the private sector will be very important in creating resilience environments and markets.

The workshop will use the case method (2 cases), one in the infrastructure sector and another in the financial services sector, to interact with the participants and supplement this with the learn-by-doing method where participants will try to evaluate private sector projects detailed in the cases.

Finally, the workshop will highlight trends in private sector interventions that are dramatically changing the development landscape and how should evaluators prepare themselves in the instructors’ view (for e.g. Sustainable investing, ESG investing).

Workshop Objectives

The main objective is

  • To provide an overview of private sector activities in the development landscape
  • To enhance evaluation professional’s understanding of private sector approaches to development and corresponding evaluation methodologies
  • To train evaluation professionals with experience in the private sector in new instruments and tools that are shaping the approaches

Recommended for

The audience for the presentation is expected be evaluation professionals either working on evaluations with a private sector development component or who intend to concentrate more on private sector development in the coming years or with experience in the private sector and wish to strengthen their evaluation skillsets. Therefore, learning more about the current methodologies, applied at the moment in the leading private sector development finance institutions, and being able to take part in in-depth discussions on the challenges of private sector evaluation can enrich the workshop participants


Intermediate-Advanced in evaluation theory of change and evaluation methods.


The audience is expected to have a background in either Statistics, Economics or Finance.


Raghavan Narayanan