III-e Evaluation Frameworks for South-South Cooperation

This workshop has been cancelled!

Description of workshop contents

The course will provide participants with a better understanding of South-South cooperation, its history, principles, theory and political economy, and how this impacts on the methods and approaches used in the evaluation of South-South cooperation initiatives at macro and micro level. The workshop will illustrate the advances made within the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST) in measuring quantity, quality and impact of South-South cooperation within the arena of international development. It will present specific evaluation frameworks developed by experts in the Global South, and how these have been applied in specific case studies of the development efforts of South Africa, Brazil, India, China, Turkey and Mexico, in other developing countries. It will elaborate on both process and results of evaluations of South-South cooperation compared to evaluations of development activities of traditional donors.

Workshop Objectives

The participants will

  • Understand the key objectives, features and principles that guide South-South cooperation, and how these differ from North-South development cooperation models
  • Understand the political and technical challenges in applying traditional (OECD) methods and approaches to the evaluation of South-South cooperation.
  • Learn to develop appropriate frameworks for the assessment and evaluation of South-South cooperation initiatives.
  • Learn about the advances made by Southern think-tanks in the field of monitoring and evaluation.

Recommended for

Evaluators, practitioners, policy-makers, commissioners, academics, consultants operating in the international development sector from governments, NGOs, think-tanks, international organizations and other development partners.


Intermediary level


Understanding of results-based management, process-level evaluation, qualitative methods, general monitoring frameworks for aid/development effectiveness.


Neissan Besharati