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Awarding Speech – Fourth Place

4th Place Awarding Speech

by Annahit Anna Aghumian | Jury member | World Bank Group – IEG


I´m privileged to present the winners of the fourth place today. Before doing that I want to extend my thanks to SDC who made it possible to award also the fourth winning team.

As you´ve already heard, we had such challenge since there were so many great ideas and solutions from which to choose. I would like the Team Leave No One Behind as the winner of IPDET Evaluation Hackathon´s fourth place who will receive e-books.

Why did we choose Team Leave No One Behind? They took the challenge of “Adaptive evaluation” and the team came up with the idea of an adaptive and inclusive remote evaluation assistant app which basically aims to facilitate remote data collection and collaboration at different stages of evaluation when it involves vulnerable and hard to reach communities, especially at times of crisis. The solution that the team proposed is creative and it can be easily replicated by other stakeholders and can have long lasting impact. And more importantly it has the potential to be an open source platform where others can contribute, improve and benefit.

Please join me to congratulate the winners of the fourth place – Team Leave No One Behind!