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IPDET unites participants from a wide range of countries and with diverse professional backgrounds in a powerful network. The unique experiences that each individual contributes and the joint willingness to learn and grow, generates our vibrant IPDET Community.

To support this community continuously, IPDET started with an active community building by an developend process, see the paper below.

Our goal with this active creation and management of the IPDET community is to strengthen it and to contribute to the further development of the field of evaluation. We as IPDET feel the responsibility to utilize these assets to achieve an added value for those participating in our activities and in the long run for the international evaluation community.

Within this process we implemented the “IPDET Community server – a memorable online society (IPDET CoSMOS)“, on this online server alumni and further person of interest can come together. It is a place to meet, learn and exchange. It offers the opportunity to join different, topic related channels with voice, text and video chat. All information on the IPDET CoSMOS and how to join HERE!

Read about the IPDET Community Building strategy process which the IPDET team startet in 2022!
“Learning from the lectures was complemented by the experience shared by other participants and group work exercises. Networking was another big added value to the experience, not to mention the social and fun moments shared with new friends!”
– Luciana Capuano Mascarenhas | Project Manager | NIRAS Finland Oy | Brazil | IPDET 2022

We celebrated 20 years IPDET in 2021 and received quite a lot wishes and greetings:

Watch the alumni anecdotes:

Interview IPDET 2019 with Hlali Kgaphola

Hlali Kgaphola from South Africa, IPDET 2019

The IPDET alumni network

“Attending a course with more than 200 participants from more than 80 nationalities shows diversity, inclusion, and representation across the globe. Participation in IPDET gave me opportunities to grow my professional network, and I had a chance to interact and exchange ideas, discuss contemporary topics in evaluation with this huge cohort with ton of expertise in the field.”
– Aman Ali Syed | Co-Founder Pakistan Evaluation Association (PEA) | Pakistan | IPDET 2019