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Fee Information


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A tuition fee of CHF 1,250 is charged per one-week workshop. The fee covers tuition, course material and a CHF 125 non-refundable administration charge.

Invoice: Please expect an invoice which contains the exact total amount and detailed payment instructions once your application is approved and an acceptance letter is received.

Method of payment:
Payment can only be made by wire transfer.

Payment and Refund Policy:

Full payment is required within twenty-eight days upon the invoice is issued. The application will be cancelled automatically if the payment deadline is overdue.

Refund of tuition fee less a CHF125 non-refundable administration charge will be requested in written four weeks before workshop(s) start. No refunds if cancellation is requested less than four weeks before the workshop. Please see the detailed deadlines below. If you attend more than one workshop, the payment deadline and refund policy apply to the date of the first workshop you attend.

Application and Refund Deadlines:

  1. Workshop (May 17-21):            May 3,   2021
  2. Workshop (May 31-June 4):     May 3,   2021
  3. Workshop (June 14-18):           May 17, 2021
  4. Workshop (June 28-July 2):      May 31, 2021
  5. Workshop (July 12-16):            June 14, 2021
  6. Workshop (Aug 23-27):            July 26,  2021
  7. Workshop (Sep 6-10):               Aug 9,   2021
  8. Workshop (Sep 20-24):             Aug 23, 2021
  9. Workshop (Oct 4-8):                 Sep 6,    2021
  10. Workshop (Oct 18-22):             Sep 20,  2021
  11. Workshop (Nov 1-5):                Oct 4,    2021