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IPDET offers competitive scholarships for the on-site program (Core Course in the first week and 2 workshops in the second week) to eligible applicants. The scholarships are made available through the generous support of GEI funding partners.

IPDET provides two scholarship streams applicants can choose:
Fundamental Stream: This scholarship covers the Core Course in Week 1 and two Workshops in Week 2.
Specialized Stream: This scholarship covers two Workshops in Week 2 and two Workshops in Week 3.

Please be aware that scholarships in 2022 focus on Fundamentals of Evaluation and therefore apply for beginners and those who want to refresh their knowledge! It consists of the Core Course and two Workshops in Week 2.

Deadline to apply for an On-Site scholarship is March 22. The possibility to apply for IPDET On-Site scholarships is closed! Please chose the On-Site self payer option or the Online self payer / scholarship options to participate in IPDET workshops.

Scholarship structure

Covered time

The Core Course in Week 1 and 2 Workshops in Week 2

Target Audience

IPDET scholarships target actors with potential catalytic effect within developing countries, including government officials, parliamentarians, evaluation practitioners, managers, young evaluation professionals, members of Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), and students. Through this targeting, the scholarships enable individuals, who would not otherwise have the means, to access the IPDET program.


Engaging introduction to the fundamentals of evaluation and specialization in the technical workshops

what is covered?

  • Tuition
  • Course material
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks during course days at the Lobby, UniS (no meals provided over the weekend)
  • Wednesday afternoon voluntary sessions during the workshop-weeks
  • Evening events (reception, get-together, graduation nights)
  • Excursion to the Alps on Sunday (in between the first and second week of the course)
  • Off campus accommodation in a student lodge*
    • Single bed in a single room
    • shared bathroom with neighbour room (in some cases shared bathroom on the floor)
    • in 15 min distance to event location by public transport
    • check in on Sundays (afternoon), departure on Saturdays (morning)
  • Health insurance for emergency medical care for the duration of the program (note: this is not a travel insurance)
  • Public transport ticket for the Bern city area

*Please carefully study the description in the Accommodation section, if the conditions in the student houses are suitable for you!


Please Note

  • Please be aware, that you can not apply for an online and on-site scholarship at the same time! Choose beforehand, for which scholarship you want to apply.
  • If you are awarded with an on-site scholarship in 2019, you are not eligible for an on-site scholarship in 2022. But feel free to apply for an online scholarship in 2022.
  • IPDET does not finance any travel cost. Applicants and sending organizations are required to mobilize funds for the travel expenses and any costs of attendance beyond those itemized.
  • We urge only applicants in real need for financial support to apply for a scholarship since the demand outnumbers the funds available.

Scholarship Criteria

Selection Process

Scholarship Application

“Attending a course with more than 200 participants from more than 80 nationalities shows diversity, inclusion, and representation across the globe. Participation in IPDET gave me opportunities to grow my professional network, and I had a chance to interact and exchange ideas, discuss contemporary topics in evaluation with this huge cohort with ton of expertise in the field.”

– Aman Ali Syed | Co-Founder Pakistan Evaluation Association (PEA) | Pakistan | IPDET 2019