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The next onsite program in Bern will take place from July 11 to 22, 2022.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be no onsite program in Bern in 2021.

IPDET encompasses all aspects of evaluation addressing both, the needs of professionals with no or only few prior knowledge and experience in evaluation, as well as the needs of experienced evaluators, commissioners, managers and policy makers in the field of evaluation.

IPDET is targeted at individuals from NGOs, Ministries and Public Administration Institutions, bi- and multilateral development partners, Think Tanks, Universities, private firms, as well as parliamentarians who are eager to drive development in projects, programs and policies on local, national and international level.

Although the context of IPDET is development evaluation, it is not limited to that perspective.  It rather entails the whole range of work that participants perform in their countries in different organizations and positions to drive the overall development of a country.

The program runs for overall three weeks, which participants can attend entirely or in parts:

  • Core Course: The first week is perfect for individuals with no or only little prior knowledge and experience in evaluation who want to get a comprehensive overview of what is evaluation and on how to do it.
  • Workshops: The following two weeks provide a series of in-depth workshops. Those who just started their first steps in the evaluation field can solidify and deepen their foundations, and more experienced ones find a wide variety of specialized topics to accommodate their specific interest.

Our international faculty consists of highly experienced renowned instructors from around the world, representing diverse perspectives from academia and evaluation practice.

The didactics of core course and workshops are designed in a highly participatory and practice-oriented manner to facilitate adult learning and ensure that the wide expertise of participants is valued. The interactive learning environment combines theory and practice through modern didactics.

“The willingness of workshop participants to share their experiences and provide information during in- and out-of-class sessions added to the atmosphere of openness and collegiality and helped to strengthen professional linkages.”

– Nandi Ogiste | Research officer | National Institute of Higher Education Research | Trinidad and Tobago | IPDET 2019