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Partners and Sponsor

Partner and Sponsor

Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)

Since 2021, IPDET has been an implementing partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) and receives funds for scholarships and global outreach activities from GEI funding partners. GEI is an inclusive global partnership committed to developing country-owned, sustainable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and capacities to promote the use of evidence in public decision-making, enhance accountability, and achieve better results. GEI believes that better evidence contributes to better policies and, ultimately, to better lives. GEI brings together a broad and diverse coalition of governments, (inter)national and local development organizations, and M&E experts to pool financial and technical resources to coordinate and expand M&E efforts globally.


Asia Pacific Evaluation Association

The Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) is a strictly non-profit, non-partisan organization that aims to improve the theory, practice and use of evaluation across the Asia-Pacific region. It advocates building capacity among individual evaluators, institutions and organizations representing Asia Pacific countries - as it advances the principles of transparency, accountability, and learning toward a just and progressive society. IPDET jointly implemented with APEA, the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE), and the Asia Pacific Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (APPFE) a virtual workshop series in 2021 and an on-site training for parliamentarians and parliament staff from Asia Pacific in 2023.

Better Evaluations

BetterEvaluation is a knowledge platform and part of the Global Evaluation Initiative. The work is collaborative with the global community to create, share, and support the use of knowledge about how to better plan, manage, conduct, and use evaluation.


EvalYouth is a global, multi-stakeholder partnership/network that supports and promotes young emerging evaluators (YEEs) and youth-led accountability around the world. EvalYouth is part of the EvalPartners and was established during the Second Global Evaluation Forum in Nepal in November 2015. IPDET and EvalYouth worked closely together in delivering IPDET`s Evaluation Hackathon in 2020. IPDET highly encourages YEEs to participate in IPDET offers and apply for respective scholarships.

Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

The Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) is a collaborative movement of international parliamentarians committed to improving policy outcomes and social accountability that advocates for evidence-based decision-making. On the basis of the understanding that evaluation can enable governments and parliaments to efficiently and effectively address national interests, policymakers and evaluation professionals are encouraged to work together to build evaluation capacities around the world. IPDET jointly implemented with GPFE, APEA, and APPEE a virtual workshop series in 2021 and an on-site training for parliamentarians and parliament staff from Asia Pacific in 2023.

UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (EIO)

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) is a functionally independent unit within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that supports the oversight and accountability functions of the Executive Board and the management of UNDP, UNCDF and UNV. The main role of the EIO is to conduct independent evaluations according to the plans and costed programmes of work approved by the Executive Board. In 2020, EIO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) marking the first step towards establishing a global partnership to support evaluation capacity development. UNDP IEO supports IPDET through the in-kind delivery of high-quality workshops.