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The IPDET alumni network

IPDET is more than just a unique on-site training. Over 4000 alumni of the past year´s events build a strong network that takes advantage of the diversity of its members. The alumni listserv provides a vivid platform where members continue to exchange ressources, questions and advice, forward tenders and vacancies and encourage each other to work on high-quality M&E for evidence-based decision making.

From 2018-2023, IPDET welcomed over 2000 people worldwide! The high degree of regional diversity is characteristic for IPDET.

IPDET is providing training to different stakeholders in the evaluation process including commissioners, managers, evaluators, researchers and policy makers. See the whole variety of our participants since 2019:

IPDET participants work in many different organizations including governmental, non-governmental, private enterprises, development organizations, universities, United Nations and the World Bank. From 2018 to 2023, the following sectors were represented:

IPDET has continuously contributed to empowering women over the years: