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As well as in 2020 IPDET created a completely virtual program due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation around the world. The IPDET 2021 program consisted of 11 workshops, which were conducted over the period of May to November.

IPDET 2021 continued being a platform that enables peer-to-peer learning between individuals from around the globe engaged in evaluation and helps deepen networks of collaboration and knowledge sharing. To build this even further, the IPDET team started an ongoing community building process. This seeks to strengthen the community and to offer more activities for their needs. In 2021 we not only had a fabulous program opening with our Kick-Off Event. We also created space to meet and greet for all 2021 online participants within two social events. In November we came together again to close the program year with a great recap and a 20 years anniversary celebration.

Furthermore, IPDET planned and implemented its very first Global Outreach. Based on the Global Outreach Strategy which follows the goals of the IPDET ECD, the first activity was conducted from October to November. “Better policy making through evaluations” was especially created for parliamentarians and their research stuff from the APEA-member countries. The virtual, free workshops consist of six online events, with a planned follow-up onsite event in 2022.

Read the IPDET 2021 Evaluation Report below!

Watch the 20 years IPDET celebration video: