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The IPDET program in Bern represents a unique setting for learning, exchanging, interacting and networking in an international and interdisciplinary environment – it is and will remain the centerpiece of IPDET!

Within the evolving global institutional landscape of capacity development in the monitoring and evaluation context, IPDET, however, will grow in importance, as:

  • there remains an unmet demand for evaluation capacity development activities;
  • audiences remain who do not have the ability or resources to attend the Bern program; courses and guidance can better be tailored to the needs of specific audiences in different regions;
  • highly qualified professionals from emerging economies are not always part of visible networks and represent underserved audiences;
  • the evaluation capacity development market is increasingly characterized by creative partnerships;
  • the nature of demand for learning about evaluation has evolved;
  • evaluation has increasingly been used to inform both donors and key stakeholders in partner countries, thus creating greater local ownership of evaluation at the country level.

In many countries, the will to use evaluation in this sense is already well developed, but the structures and qualifications needed for implementation are still missing. This is where Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) provides the necessary knowledge and skills, enabling partners across the globe to set up the structures and processes needed to use evaluation in several ways.

To take these aspects as an opportunity, IPDET is expanding its activities across the globe. This is guided by its IPDET’s Global Outreach Strategy, which outlines IPDET’s underlying understanding of evaluation and the principles and criteria for selecting and implementing measures in different parts of the world, derived from its systemic Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) approach.

Watch the interview with Prof. Reinhard Stockmann and download the IPDET Global Outreach strategy to read all about the details!

To know more about our Global Outreach activities last year, check out our Evaluation Report 2023.


On the following pages you may find further information on IPDET’s Global Outreach.

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