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Program Curriculum

Application for the IPDET 2022 On-Site program is closed!

The 2022 On-Site program in Bern took place from July 11 to 22.

  • Week 1, Core Course: July 11 – 15, 2022
  • Week 2, Workshops: July 18 – 22, 2022

Core Course: a solid foundation in Evaluation

IPDET`s one-week Core Course provides the fundamentals of evaluation. As an introductory course, participants gain a comprehensive overview of evaluation and on how to do it. The course is designed for those with no or little prior experience in evaluation, as well as for those seeking to refresh and update their basic knowledge.

In 7 modules , the participants learn about the key concepts and approaches, methods, processes, standards and tools for planning, implementation, and utilization of evaluation. The interactive learning environment combines theory and practice through modern didactics.

Workshops: explore and specialize

One workshop stream allow participants to customize their schedule according to their particular needs and interests.

• Consolidation stream: solidify and deepen conceptual knowledge and enhance practical skills of evaluation basics as follow-up on the core course.
• Specialized stream: explore methodological and thematic topics on basic and advanced level including cutting-edge and current development issues.

The descriptions of each single workshop contains clearly defined objectives and requirements that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the workshop.

Space for exchange and networking

The Participant Forum, Peer-to-Peer Sessions and visits to Swiss organizations are a great opportunity to meet with other particpants and network. Keynote speeches from leading personalities in the relevant organizations provide further possibilities of learning and exchanging with exprets in the field.

Participants can attend any combination of weeks and individual workshops. Please see the following possible options:


IPDET workshops are tailored for continuous learning. IPDET participants are encouraged to come back in following years to continue their professional development and specialize.