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IPDET for Employee Development

Maximizing Impact: Five Key Reasons to Develop Evaluation Capacity with IPDET

1. Amplify Impact with a Trusted Partner

  • With credible evaluation practices, you can elevate your organization’s standards in transparency, accountability, evidence-based decision-making and win stakeholders’ trust.
  • IPDET, in collaboration with the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) and as the Core Implementing Partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), has earned the trust of hundreds of international agencies and companies, delivering top-notch evaluation training since 2001.

2. Future-Proof Your Organization

  • Gain practical, hands-on training from instructors with decades of experience in the field, empowering participants to apply learnings to provide useful information to support decision-making.
  • Evaluation experts from diverse sectors ensure coverage of cutting-edge topics, offering valuable insights to prepare your organization for future development.

3. Cultivate Your Talent Pipeline

  • IPDET prepares employees to become work-ready evaluators and commissioners.
  • The curriculum and experienced instructors not only teach evaluation but also empower employees to become effective trainers, fostering a culture of internal professional development.

4. Expand Your Global Network

  • Join a diverse community of evaluators from around the world, fostering valuable connections that extend beyond the course. These networks provide access to enhanced knowledge, diverse perspectives, and valuable experiences, facilitating continuous growth.

5. Team Building with Flexibility

  • IPDET offers flexible attendance options, from two-week full course to a two-day workshops. You can choose the training fitting your organization’s needs and schedule.
  • Group training fosters teamwork, creativity, and helps your organization retain talents. Take advantage of IPDET’s group discounts (for groups of five or more) to invest in employee development!