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Overall objective: Parliamentarians have an important role to play in the field of evaluation: Firstly, they can use evaluations for their decision-making and to strengthen their control function. Secondly, they can commission evaluations themselves. And thirdly, they can assign an important role to evaluation within the framework of their legislative competence, e. g. by including evaluation clauses into laws. In order to be able to use evaluations appropriately, parliamentarians must know the value of evaluations and potential uses of evaluations for evidence-based policy making. To impart this knowledge is the aim of this workshop series. Since parliamentarians are often occupied and unable to read long evaluation reports, the most suitable group who can support them are parliament research staff. The research staff can help parliamentarians with brief evaluation findings and recommendations which can be easily used by parliamentarians. Therefore, it is important to include parliament research staff also in the training. Assuming that staff members can devote more time to such workshops than parliamentarians, the workshop series is also intended to impart more in-depth evaluation knowledge to this group of people.

Target groups:

  • Parliamentarians from the APEA-member countries
  • Research staff of parliamentarians and parliaments from the APEA-member countries
  • Further interested people in the topic (e. g. VOPE leaders)


  • Six online events in 2021 (between October and November 2021)
  • One on-site event between 27-30 March 2023 in Colombo/Sri Lanka


For the results of the first online activity in 2021, please check out our interim report.


“In Pakistan, there is no proper course on Parliamentary Systems and evaluation. Evaluation is only a small topic in certain academic courses in Pakistan. When I heard about the IPDET training, I went to the Speaker of the Parliament and convinced him that our staff and members should take part in the training. I also wanted to understand the technicalities of evaluation.” Attaullah Khan – Participant

You are interested in what we are going to do in 2023? Watch the video here: