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4. Ensure institutions` performance under Covid-19 measures

Ensure institutions’ performance under COVID-19 measures


With the advent of Covid-19, institutions are suffering stagnation due to health requirements and the changing political and economic environment. It has been hard to secure the prerequisites for being able to carry out the work.


In the case of our organization in Zambia, we are unable to meet with our beneficiaries for our services. Police demands total adherence to the health requirements before a meeting is allowed. Currently political parties are holding their intra-party elections and some have been denied permits or and their meetings have been disrupted by police. The country’s electoral body has to conduct the elections under strict adherence to health demands. Leaders have their live phone-in radio programmes disrupted in some parts of the country in pretext of covid-19.

Main Question

If Covid-19 persists and measures continue to be in place with drastic consequences for an institution, how will institutions be able to carry out their work?

Where do institutions get resources to work under the “new normal”, if Covid-19 and its related measures persist?

How to navigate an institution and its work into the “new normal”?