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Awarding Speech – First Place

1st Place Awarding Speech

by Annalena Flury | Jury member | Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC



“EvalHub convinced the Jury fully. We were impressed by the innovative character and the concrete and highly elaborated concept. In our opinion, the prototype is very close to being ready for implementation as the team has thought of nearly everything that is needed. I would like to pick out 3 of the most convincing points:

  1. EvalHub has the potential of being a global platform connecting evaluators to communities around the world. It merges resources in an innovative way and uses classical methods in a transcending and unique manner.
  2. We particularly liked the fact, that it has the means of lasting beyond the current COVID-19 crisis, and revolutionize the way of how we collect data also in remote, hard to reach or conflict areas.
  3. EvalHub is not just tackling the one problem of data collection, but is in parallel also sensitizing and training interested communities in data collection and is in such creating jobs. It links the evaluator on one side with the communities on the other, giving them an active role in evaluation processes.

Last but not least, EvalHub is very clear, intuitive, easy to use at first glance and professional.

Therefore, each of the team members receives an IPDET scholarship for participating in the week July 26-30, 2021, in Bern including full board and tuition for two workshops.”